Learn the Easy ways to Reduce Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is an experience that everyone might have. If you are unlucky one suffering from chronic illness, the following can be a great help to you. But remember that these suggestions may only reduce pain and improve the quality of your life but not an alternate for professional medical care.

  1. Practice Relaxation. For some people it a sill that be must learned.
  2. Make a deep Breath. Learn the power of Inhaling and exhaling the proper way.
  3. Make yourself busy and distract yourself (e.g., loud music) for temporary relief from pain.
  4. Engage yourself to things that you enjoy be it a hobby, movies, surfing the internet and learn something new everyday. It can somehow help you forget the pain.
  5. If necessary, take medication to control your pain. If you are using tranquilizer, remember that the more you utilize it, they become less effective overtime.
  6. Investigate nerve stimulation techniques. Acupuncture, massage, and electrical stimulation through a TENS unit are often helpful. Consult professionals who work in these procedures.
  7. Ice is a goof first aid. If there is area of your body that is pain, apply ice on it. The ice can lessen the pain for hours.
  8. Get moral support from your loved ones and friends. Don’t keep the pain all alone. Have a shoulder to lean on.
  9. Care for your mental and spiritual health. Keep your life positive: surround yourself with positive ideas and people. Involve yourself in your religion if that it is important to you. Study psychology and learn about how the mind can be used to control feelings and perceptions.
  10. The key to a healthy life is by choosing healthier lifestyle. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Exercise regularly and get enough sleep. Do not engaged in bad routine like smoking, over-eating, too much alcohol and so on.